Alpha Tyre Cover brings extra value to your tyre purchase. Purchasing the cover guarantees you free punctures for the life of the tyre as well as a prorated warranty from road hazard damage. 


$10 per tyre for purchases $100 or under. 


$12.50 per tyre for purchases $101 to $174. 


$15 per tyre for purchases $175 to $250. 


$20 per tyre for purchases $250+. 

Terms & Conditions

1. Alpha Tyre Cover does not cover anything but the original tyre purchased on the original invoice.

2. Alpha Tyre Cover is subject to inspection by Alpha Tyres staff. Alpha Tyres staff have the rights to refuse any warranty or repair if they believe the product has been misused or could have been avoided.

3. Alpha Tyre Cover will be voided if the customer has driven on the tyre flat, causing it to be irreparable.

4. Alpha Tyre Cover will be voided if the tyre has been damaged off road. 

5. Alpha Tyre Cover will only warrant the percentage unused when replacing a tyre eg. If the tyre only shows 50% of tread remaining at time of damage then Alpha Tyres will only warrant 50% of tyre's original retail price.

6. Alpha Tyre Cover is only available for passenger, SUV, 4x4 (excluding mud tyres) and selected Light Truck tyres.

7. Alpha Tyre Cover does not guarantee or cover anything to do with mileage. This is a product that will only cover damage caused by road hazards that are out of the drivers control.

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